About Us

A French pâtisserie located in the heart of Wayne, Aux Petits Delices, or small delights, offers customers the finest in French pastries, handcrafted chocolates, delectable sorbets and gelatos, and award winning cakes.

The story of Aux Petits Delices began far before opening its doors in 1987. Acclaimed pastry chef and founder/owner of Aux Petits Delices, Patrick Gauthron, began cultivating his craft at the age of fourteen when he served as an apprentice at Patisserie Bouche in his native France. After traversing through France’s culinary regions and holding many prominent posts, Chef Gauthron ventured to the United States in 1979. For six years, Patrick learned the art of fine dining and seduced Philadelphians with rich, authentic French pastries at the renowned restaurant, Le Bec-Fin. With a sincere passion for French confections, Chef Gauthron sought to provide Main Liners with a product they could not receive anywhere else, and so, the birth of Aux Petits Delices.