Holiday Specials

Easter Specials

Easter Basket Easter Egg Cake Easter Rabbit Easter Hat

Easter Bonnet

Triple Chocolate, Framboisier, or Citronelle (almond jaconde, lemon buttercream & lemon sponge)

Prices: 7" - $39 | 9" - $49

Easter Egg Cake

Chocolate sponge cake with caramel cream iced in a chocolate ganache.

Prices: 8" - $36

Carrot Cake

A classic with nuts, raisins, cream cheese shaped in a basket.

Prices: 7" - $34 | 9" - $43

Passover Specials


Chocolate meringue with chocolate mousse, bits of meringue as decoration.

Prices: 8" - $40


7 layer almond/hazelnut torte with kirsch buttercream, chocolate mousse and whipped cream.

Prices: 8" x 6" - $38 (Serves 10) | 8" x 8" - $45 (Serves 12-14)


Almond jaconde & lemon mousselline

Prices: 7" - $35 | 9" - $44


Layers of Dacquoise, chocolate ganache & sea salt caramel

Prices: 8" = $42

July 4th | Bastille Day Specials


8″ x 6″ Tri-Color Opera House


8″ Tri-Color Eiffel Tower

Fruit Tarts

8″ x 6″ Blueberries, Pears & Strawberries

Halloween Specials

Halloween Cupcakes Halloween Mask Halloween Mask

Chocolate Halloween Masks

Thanksgiving Specials

Bourbon Pecan Tart

Baked in a sugar dough shell with bits of chocolate

Apple Tart

Pie dough shell filled with fresh baked apples in apple cream

Chestnut Yule Log

Chocolate sponge cake with rum, chestnut cream and chocolate glaze

Pumpkin Cheesecake

With cognac swirl and ginger crust, topped with an orange marmelade & fresh ginger

Christmas Specials

Christmas Yule Log Christmas Croquembouche

Chocolate Caramel Yule Log

Caramel cream and orange marmalade rolled in chocolate sponge with dark chocolate buttercream icing

Prices: 8" - $31 | 12" - $44 | 16"- $55 | 21"- $69

Framboisier and Lemon Yule Log

Raspberry mousseline with fresh raspberries rolled in vanilla sponge cake with lemon cream icing.

Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log

Chocolate mousse rolled in chocolate sponge cake with hazelnut buttercream icing

Marivaux Yule Log

Joconde (almond sponge), orange cointreau mousseline and dark chocolate glaze

The Crouquembouche

A dramatic pyramid of caramelized cream puffs, decorated with holiday accents. A serving consists of three cream puffs per person

Holiday Cookie Trays

An assortment of our fine French cookies displayed on a tray and wrapped with a bow.

Epiphany Specials

King Cake

King Cake

Flakey puff pastry with a frangipane (almond center)

Valentine’s Day Specials

Valentine's Day Treats Chocolate Heart Box

Edible heart-shaped chocolate box filled with chocolates

Handcrafted chocolates, heart-shaped cakes and cookies


8″ x 6″ Tri-Color Opera House


8″ Tri-Color Eiffel Tower

Fruit Tarts

8″ x 6″ Blueberries, Pears & Strawberries

Chef’s Specials

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